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He is an enemy of God…

"The Devil’s most subtle work is in the hearts of some who attend churches and chapels and Salvation Army citadels – making their lives out of harmony with their profession. The soldier wearing a label on sunday, the uniformed bandsman carrying his silver or gleaming brass instrument, known and seen of all – if his life does not shine during the week when he is in his shabby working clothes, rubbing shoulders with those who profess nothing, his profession on Sunday when he stands out from the ungodly will do boundless harm to the Kingdom. He is an enemy, indeed, of God and of righteousness."

(Pg 123 Powers of Salvation Army Officers – Mrs Bramwell Booth)

"He is an enemy of God…" Whoa… thats huge.



4 thoughts on “He is an enemy of God…

  1. Wow! 😮
    This is some powerful statement. As I read it I thought of the condition of many congregations where several of the parishioners are people that appear to be just like stated in this post – professing on Sunday, wearing his/her ‘badge’ to be seen by others yet with no light shining during gthe week.

    Hmmm …. I’m almost wondering if I am guilty of this very thing?!? Sure is something to ponder!!

    Posted by Cornelius | June 15, 2005, 5:05 am
  2. Hey, thanks for the comment.

    I come from a Salvation Army church where in general most of the soldiers wear their uniforms only on Sunday. (in some cases, changing into it once at church) I got totally convicted one day when I found myself doing the same thing – and in this case, my uniform became like the “label” of the “badge”.

    I now wear my uniform everyday because of this conviction, and it has become for me, rather than putting it on to show people how “righteous” I am, but to remind myself constantly that I’m a representative not only of The Salvation Army, but of God.

    It almost forces you to shine during the week.

    I hope one day that I wont need the uniform to remind me what my calling is in serving God every minute of everyday.

    Thanks Holy Spirit for helping me out with this =)

    Posted by Kathleen Pearce | June 15, 2005, 7:01 am
  3. Whoah, nice work Splatty! Do you just wear it to work? By everyday, how rigid are you with that? Email me about this, because I’ve been considering such a course of action for a while, but feared it would be inappropriate or alienating and counter-productive in many situations. You don’t understand how much I admire you for it. Besides, you owe me an email anyway. Talk soon. Grace

    Posted by Shaw Coleman | June 16, 2005, 4:30 am
  4. extraordinary level of living. Barbarians never exist simply to survive. Barbarians never just get through the day.

    Posted by Fake Watches | December 25, 2013, 9:02 pm

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- General Catherine Booth

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