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Let Me Love You

A little while ago I went through a horrible time where I couldn’t get close to God, and the more I knew that I had to get close to Him again, the less I wanted to (feeling ashamed and shy).

Still working on getting intimate (something I find really hard to do).

Just wanna say thanks to Leah E for helping me out in a huge way at the Women’s Bible Convention. Out of the whole weekend, the last 15 minutes of it that I spent with Leah were what I needed.

Leah remembered that in our Conference booklet was a page that has a verse on it written by Lynne Hybels. She said that i had meant alot to her, and that I should read it.

Feeling encouraged but still pretty crap, I went home that night, avoiding sitting and chatting with God. I then found the peace of paper from the booklet. Here is what it says.

Let Me Love You
Lynne Hybels

Come away, God says. Yes, you, come away and sit with me. Come and let me give you the gift of my presence. I want to share the stillness of this moment with you. I want to whisper words of kindness to you. I want to pour my infinitely rich and deep love into your very soul.

So come, let me love you. Let me love that part of you that believes you are valuable only while you are serving others. You are valuable for just who you are. You don’t have to keep running. You don’t have to prove your worth through frantic action. Let me love that part of you that is weary and needs to rest. Listen, listen as I tell you to drop your burdens right now, and rest like a child in the presence of a loving Father.

Let me love that lonely part of you that craves an intimate touch. Listen as I whisper words of love to your woman’s soul. Listen as I tell you that I adore that part of you that is filled with passion and emotion and tenderness. In my eyes and in my heart you are lovely and pure. You are my soul’s desire.

You, woman that you are, are precious to me beyond words. You, woman that you are, are worthy of my time and my attention. And so I give myself to you. Right now.

So come. Sit with me. Let me love you.

Oh how I balled my eyes out that night.

No matter how many times I am reassured through the Word, and through people that God loves me no matter what, It doesn’t ever seem to get through. It’s in my mind but not in my heart.

I need to let Him love me.

So yer, I’ve been having a hard time of late getting intimate with Jesus. I just need to let Him love me.

I found the piece of paper again tonight, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you. I need to keep it handy and read it to myself everynow and again.

Jesus wants to pour His infinitely rich and deep love into my very soul!  WooHoo!!!

your prayers are very welcomed =) Thanks for listening.



One thought on “Let Me Love You

  1. Here are some pictures of my friends at Church a couple of weeks ago. We have a large African Population in our community

    Posted by Fake Watches | December 25, 2013, 9:00 pm

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