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Monday Afternoon. (No controversial title to get people to read my blog, sorry!)

Went on my first walking-around-balga-at-6am walks this morning. Lyn, Val and Ronda were walking also. 

Visited some streets that I didn’t even know existed. 

Saw some ladies walking that I’m going to pray for and try and pursue some kind of friendship with.. 

I’ve done nothing much else today. I feel like a bit of a slob, but it is my day off, so I’m trying not to bash myself up about it. I feel way too lazy. And the fact that I’m totally not organised for Christmas makes it a little bit worse. Need to get some supplies and some prezzies. Should be all good.

I have a meeting for SAYC (Salvation Army Youth Camp) tonight. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m not looking forward to the camp. There are some issues that I have to sort out with one of the other leaders, and its crappy because I hate confrontation and the situation has gone way out of proportion. It started as this crappy little misunderstanding, and now he’s not talking to me. Hmm. I really hope we can sort it out, because I’m going to be crabby on camp if it’s not. Pray for that, if you will.

Did I tell you I’m going on this mission/camp/conference/training thingo in january called AMUC, run by TEAR. I’ll be hanging out in Northbridge for a week learning how to live with/influence/minister to/talk to/come along side people AMong the Urban Community. I’m looking forward to what God is going to teach me through this, I feel like I have A LOT to learn. Totally wrapped that Shella is coming to, I’m glad I’ll have a fellow salvo learning along side me.

Got my hair braided "African Style" which is kinda funky. I tell people that "The Ladies captured me and didn’t let me go for 5 hours!" (that’s how long it took to braid all of my hair!) I got it done for the camp in Jan, I hope it lasts that long. If it doesn’t I might use it as an excuse to get it done again in a new funky style!

Am finally beginning to get my voice back after suffering from Laryngitis. It sucks going to church to worship God with the family and not being able to join in with the praise and worship. Luckily I can praise God in other ways than just singing! Praise God!

What else interesting can I tell you… this is getting a bit long. Maybe I’ll update you some more tomorrow. Thanks for being interested in my life.

Love to the saints, Kathleen.


3 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon. (No controversial title to get people to read my blog, sorry!)

  1. Braids are pretty contoversial…I enjoyed this part of your life…Be blessed in your confrontation…Nice post

    Posted by Dave | December 19, 2005, 4:05 am
  2. Katty, I like you’re hair, and I like the idea of prayer walks in a group in the early morning…even though it is early morning and early mornings tend to suck. I think it’s a wicked idea, and oh btw I love your hair, I think it looks wicked 🙂 love ya

    Posted by Alli | December 20, 2005, 5:01 am
  3. Aside from giving you all the details of our problems, I really hope that his decision to cut me from the team wasn’t based on our

    Posted by Replica Watches UK | December 25, 2013, 8:55 pm

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