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Self-Examination Checklist for Bloggers!

Some self examination questions/thoughts..
thanks to [url=http://urbanarmy.blogspot.com/2006/03/bloggers-confession-checklist.html]URBANarmy Blog[/url] :lol:-

[quote]Beware of:-

[b]succumbing to flattery[/b] (watching your site metre every hour to see how your daily average is doing!)
[b]nurturing hurt feelings[/b] (not everyone will agree with you, really!)
[b]holding a grudge[/b] (oh for a misplaced metaphor to crash down!)
[b]losing our temper[/b] (don’t read your blog comments late at night)
[b]not respecting other people[/b] (just because someone thinks different)
[b]pride[/b] (watching technorati to see the latest link to your blog)
[b]feeling jealous[/b] (why would anyone would want to hit his site!)
[b]selfish ambition[/b] (blogging to pump your up your reputation)
[b]bitterness[/b] (when someone gets quoted and linked!)
[b]judging one another[/b] (rabid unthinking evangelical; woolly liberal; unprimitive salvo; non-aggressive Christian!)
[b]arrogance[/b] (the world really does deserve to hear my voice)
[b]feeling superior to another[/b] (I’ve got something far better to say than anyone else)
[b]hurting another’s reputation[/b] (…and she thinks she has something to say)
[b]witholding a good word about another[/b] (you know he kind of has something to say but if you think I’m going to link..)[/quote]

Add your suggestions or your comments below!



One thought on “Self-Examination Checklist for Bloggers!

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