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The metaphor debate.

It’s been going around lately. Everyone is blogging about it (salvos anyway). Everyone is writing articles about it, and discussing it to all hours of the morning, but here’s a fresh point-of-view for ya.

The question is “Are we a metaphor?” Is The Salvation ARMY really an Army?

I was talking to some non-salvo friends of mine today (employees at DHQ), and I thought that I would ask for their perspective.

salvokat: from your perspective, does TSA and what we do, seem metaphoric?

non-salvo friend: what do you mean?

salvokat: as in, like we’re pretending to be an army by giving ourselves titles like major/soldier etc?

non-salvo friend: not at all. Sure, the way you do things is a little bit wacky, but you’re getting things done, right? It’s working, right?

Chew on that for a bit.
Maybe we should stop discussing it, and just carry on being soldiers, who fight. People don’t seem to mind.

“God led us to make an Army. We called it an Army. And seeing it was an Army to deliver mankind from sin and the power of the Devil, we called it an Army of deliverance. A Salvation Army.” General Eva Burrows (Rtd), quote from the introduction of the lecture The Identification Marks of The Salvation Army as part of the Christian Church.



2 thoughts on “The metaphor debate.

  1. I think General Burrows was in that instance quoting General William Booth.

    Good quote, though.

    Posted by Alexander Coleman | April 5, 2006, 2:41 pm
  2. This time… it has been such a struggle. I have had no inspiration and no desire to do this painting and it needs to be done for TOMORROW morning.

    Posted by Replica Watches | December 25, 2013, 8:50 pm

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Kathleen Johansson

We shall win.

"The decree has gone forth that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and that He shall reign whose right it is from the River to the ends of the earth. We shall win. It is only a question of time. I believe that this Movement shall inaugurate the final conquest of our Lord Jesus Christ."
- General Catherine Booth

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