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Black, White and Brown.

I’m not one of them anymore, but it sure does suck to be a teenager in Balga these days. I have never in my life, seen|heard about so much racial discrimination.

Forgive the lack of tact in my title, but I’m only trying to make a point. The “Brown” ones feel victimized, yet are the ones dishing out the most racism. The “Black” ones, whilst still struggling to learn english, fight back with the only survival mechanism that they know of. And, generally, the “White” ones get stuck in the middle, copping it from both sides and dishing it out double-fold.

The fact that I am able to even catagorise them like this, shows what the problem is|that there is a huge problem. But what the heck is the next step? The Migrant Community Services are looking to The Salvation Army for help, because this (among other issues) is becoming way too much for them (or anyone else for that matter) to handle.

Most see that the key is to just get the kids active. They see that the reason there are so many racial problems (among other problems) is because the kids are just bored out of the brains. The answer = sports teams, music groups, interest groups PROGRAMS etc. etc. But will that work? Will that change anything? Will the root of the problem ever go away, even if the facade melts away for a little while?

I don’t know. And it’s not in my court to really be able to do much about it. But it really really concerns me.



One thought on “Black, White and Brown.

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