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Adventure Update #008

[b]10th August 11.50am
[i]”The Apartments”[/i][/b]

So, WOW. The Lord never stops blowing me away. He knows what I need, and by golly does he know what he is doing. Praise Him! He is amazing!

I’ll be moving into the apartments this weekend, because the Battle School-ers move out and the War Collage-ers move back in. I’m really really looking forward to actually living in the place where I spend most of my time! I’ve really been growing in this community. The more I observe, the more I’m growing to love it, and figure out that it’s not designed to be perfect. It’s designed to be honest.

I’ve been thinking a little bit about what it would look like to live in this kind of community with the friends that I have in Perth. I was thinking, if we all moved in together into one house, what would that look like? Maybe that’s a challenge to try it, and see if something honest and authentic can come from it.

I’ve realised that one of the key things that needs to happen around here to make sure things don’t fall apart – is COMMUNICATION. If you don’t tell someone if something they do makes you feel annoyed, then they’ll never know.. and then having bottled it up, it doesn’t make for pleasant encounters down the track. There have been a couple of times just in the past week where I have realised that I’ve needed to speak to people – have conversations that have the potential to be very awkward – and boy, have I felt relief. Normally I’m the cowardly type and go to write a letter or an email. But Praise the Lord he is breaking through that anxiety of mine!

Working at the Carnegie has been an absolute pleasure. I have met some beautiful people, and find joy in the fact that I now recognise the regulars and more often than not can remember what they like 🙂 It’s kinda sad that I’ll only be around there for another couple of weeks, but the place has inspired me a lot in a few areas of my life and given me some dreams and ideas about some of the ways I might be able to volunteer and be more a part of the community back in Perth.

They say.. “don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I agree. Don’t let them. They hurt a lot. I’m itchy. Very itchy. I used to think that bed bugs were just part of a ritual saying. I never knew that they actually existed. They’re ugly little things too. Yuk yuk yuk.



One thought on “Adventure Update #008

  1. I’ve been thinking a little bit about what it would look like to live in this kind of community with the friends that I have in Perth.

    Posted by Rolex Replica | December 25, 2013, 8:36 pm

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