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Adventure Updates

A Diary.

Unfortunately, these photos are going to go backwards, because of the way they were uploaded, but oh well! Hopefully you get the idea!

By the way I’m in Melbourne now, and yes you can all bash me up later for not updating at all these past weeks.

Always a Ballet Dancer :)The Circle of Life/Light/Blue StuffSo Shaw and I spent this past saturday searching the city for some “Contemporary Art Installments” We had some very fun adventures on the way. We found a street church called the “Church of Hope”What do you think Shaw?Jesus is Cool. Even the grafitti artist thinks so. and attended and ended up serving dinner to some people who otherwise would have gone hungry. We also had some fun taking some random artistic photos. These are just a few.

Mezz Coleman and her backup brothersTonight: Mezz Coleman LIVEIt was Wednesday the 13th of September that I arrived in Melbourne, Australia; and that evening I was invited to join Mike and Annette Coleman to see Mezz Coleman (their daughter-in-law) perform LIVE in a small funky Jazz Cafe in the City. I joyfully accepted, and had a ball of a time. I was SOO tired, but the music was SOO enjoyable. Mezz certainly has a stunning voice. I’d heard it said many times, but now I’ve heard with my own ears.

The last real time I blogged I was in London, Ontario. It was also then that I decided at the very last minute to in-a-way “fast-track” my way back to Australia. I decided not to stay at all in New York, and to only spend a short 2 days in Hong Kong. It was partly because of some accomodation issues, but partly because I was (and am) really ready to be home. In Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Pete Footer once again. And what a pleasure it was also to meet his team. We jam-packed a lot into two and a half days, including some border crossings, some headquarters, some trade and some disney land! It was lots of fun. In hindsight, I may have stayed longer, but I’m also glad that I made the decision that I did.

So the left-over photos here are from my time in London, Ontario; as well as from my time at TSOMAGA. And the very last one on today’s printout is the War College session of 05/06. The Holies. I feel like I’m almost an honourary Holy. Just coz I love em so much. And coz I got a prophetic name while I was at TSOMAGA and it was “Holy” Cool eh? So enjoy…

The Smallest Gillinghams. The Samuels. The Levites. The Mercy Seat - The Place to be. A funny looking Fire Hydrant! My attempt at artistic timbrel Photo!

The Holy ______ Session of The War College



2 thoughts on “A Diary.

  1. Hey cool blog, Splatty! Great to finally hear what you’ve been upto! Nice photos too!

    Posted by Shaw Coleman | September 19, 2006, 8:04 pm
  2. Unfortunately, these photos are going to go backwards, because of the way they were uploaded, but oh well! Hopefully you get the idea!

    Posted by Swiss replica Watches | December 25, 2013, 8:34 pm

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