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The Newest Australian Refugees

The newest refugees to Australia just moved in next door (among the newest anyway). Literally they just got brought in a taxi from the airport, and dropped at #5.

They’re from Eritrea. Ever heard of it? No, neither had I. It’s on the north east edge of Africa.

I just read a little bit about it. you can too.. here.

So I was just sitting in my house working on some stuff on the net, and a whole bunch of cars and a taxi turned up next door. Several people went into the house. So YHWH told me to go and say hi. So, I did. I’m practicing this whole obedience thing. And I offered to help and stuff, and they were very thankful. I kindly excused myself, mainly because it seemed like they were busy with papers etc etc. I told them I’m here for them if they need anything, I hope they know that it is true!

More and more and more people keep piling in next door, still! There must be some kind of welcoming party for them!

Bless them LORD. [b]BLESS them LORD![/b]



One thought on “The Newest Australian Refugees

  1. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I really do see it as a front-line incarnational ministry opportunity. Whoh thats alot of big words!

    Posted by Replica Watches | December 25, 2013, 8:32 pm

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