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Going to Heaven

So I was at a party tonight (that’s a whole other blog) but just before I left – when everyone else was kicking on to karaoke (at 1.30am) my friend said to someone, [b]”she’s piking – she’s got Church in the morning.”[/b] The guy said.. [b]”You say that like its a bad thing – she’s the one going to heaven.”[/b]

My friend said – [b]”yer I know, its true!”[/b] then went on to talk about how far down into hell she was going – joking about how drunk she was etc etc. Laughing. It tore me apart because I know that she is.

I need to ask her if she minds.. all jokes aside – what she really thinks about the fact that shes telling the truth.

More about this later.
[i]I need dusting off.[/i]

p.s. the guy said to me when we finally left… [b]”put in a good word for me when you get there”[/b].



2 thoughts on “Going to Heaven

  1. It’s been a while since I got an invite to ‘one of those parties’; but I do remember being caught up in similar conversations in the past, and feeling similarly ‘torn apart’. This is the stuff which motivates us to keep on fighting! Why else would we fight, except that there are souls worth fighting for?

    Posted by Chris | October 14, 2006, 2:19 pm
  2. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I really do see it as a front-line incarnational ministry opportunity. Whoh thats alot of big words!

    Posted by Replica Watches | December 25, 2013, 8:31 pm

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