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International Social Justice Commission

[b]Announcement from the General’s office.[/b]

On 1 July 2007 a new unit of International Headquarters will come into being to be known as the International Social Justice Commission (ISJC). It will be led by a senior officer who will carry the designation of International Director for Social Justice. The Commission and the Director will be attached to the office of the Chief of the Staff.

The first Director of the ISJC will be Commissioner M Christine MacMillan, presently serving as the Territorial Commander in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Although part of International Headquarters, the Commission’s offices will be based in New York in the USA Eastern Territory. I record warmest thanks to Commissioner Lawrence Moretz and his staff for splendid help in this regard.

Allow me to outline the shape and main purposes of the Commission:
[b]1.[/b] The Director will lead a small team of full-time specialists, all of whom will be committed Salvationists.
[b]2.[/b] The Commission will be a permanent, standing body.
[b]3.[/b] A panel of expert international consultants will be created.
[b]4.[/b] The Director and staff will be the Army’s principal international advocate and adviser on social, economic and political issues and events giving rise to the perpetuation of social injustice in the world. They will assist the Army in addressing social injustice in a systematic, measured, proactive and Christian manner, consistent with the purposes for which God raised up The Salvation Army.
[b]5.[/b] The Commission will advise the General and other senior leaders at IHQ in matters of social justice.
[b]6.[/b] It will absorb and extend the current work of the Moral and Social Issues desk at IHQ, re-introducing an International Moral and Social Issues Council (IMASIC).
[b]7.[/b] The Commission will expand and develop the Army’s role and influence within the United Nations, supervising and co-ordinating the work now being done in New York, Vienna and Geneva.
[b]8.[/b] It will place on a more systematic and effective basis the role of the Army in relation to other major world forums, advising the General on representation therein.
[b]9.[/b] The Commission will liaise regularly with territorial and other Army groups engaged in social justice advocacy, seeking to ensure a co-ordinated approach and offering encouragement and guidance.
[b]10.[/b] It will liaise with territories and commands where as yet little is being done in relation to issues of social justice, seeking to find ways in which such a role can be undertaken by the Army in the local setting.

May the Lord bless it.



One thought on “International Social Justice Commission

  1. I record warmest thanks to Commissioner Lawrence Moretz and his staff for splendid help in this regard.

    Posted by Replica Watch | December 25, 2013, 8:27 pm

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