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It’s a New Day (If you want it to be…)

So as of today, I’m 22, and have been given the perfect opportunity to claim a “New Day” for a New Year, because I want it to be! (Hat Tip Jim Knaggs @ Connections) And, I’m excited about having time, and a seemingly new burst of energy!

I’ve been doing some research about Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate today, as I’m going to be putting together some “gifts” for the Corps/Centers with some freebie samples to get them inspired about The Fair Trade Principle. What an interesting industry. On coffee, a good friend of mine just began working at a company in Perth that are well known for their ethical, direct & relationship trading practices. I’m thinking about having chats with her about how we might be able to partner with them to make the most of the Fair Trade Principal in the West.

On chocolate, Cadbury – who sometimes present as the worst offender in the sourcing of Cocoa – seem to come off pretty well on their website. Or maybe they have a way with words. Worth looking into some more I think. Check out this page and its links to see for yourself.

As well as this, be reminded, some of the hard work has already been done for those who are seeking to purchase Fairly Traded Choc-ies. Stop the Traffik has created a guide for us listing suppliers who are able to guarantee that their cocoa has been sourced ethically. Check out the Australian Good Chocolate Guide (Pdf).

I’ve blogged about it once before, but today I was reminded again. (Praise Jesus!) He wants me to come to him. And he wants to give me rest. Hallelujah! Oswald Chambers, in My Utmost for His Highest (June 11th) says that this rest is not the kind of rest where Jesus comes to tuck me in to bed and sing me lullabies (not in this season anyway) It’s the kind of rest where Jesus says “Come to me, and I will give you rest – I will sustain you causing you to STAND FIRM! I will get you out of bed, out of your listlessness and exhaustion, and out of your condition of being half dead while you are still alive. I will penetrate you with the Spirit of life, and you will be sustained by the perfection of Vital Activity.” Praise Him!! It’s funny how rest can come through being AWAKE.

So you think you can preach! What a fascinating idea. I think sometimes God specifically chooses to work through fascinating ideas.

Speaking of fascinating ideas, I heard rumours of a youth conference in WA next year. Watch this space…!

There are two coffee places in Perth that have been recommended to me.. Tiger Tiger in the city, and Urbanista in Northbridge. Hoping to make the most of my time in the next few weeks and check these out. Anyone wanna join me?



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