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Called to Love.

On Wednesday James blogged about what he believes we are called to do.

He came up with: “Love God, love others, heal the sick, raise the dead, drive out demons, freely give, make disciples, teach people to obey God.”

I agree! Awesome. But, similar to the criticism I had of the Jesus Culture conference, where is “Feed the hungry, clothe the naked” etc etc? Aren’t there a few missing?

James jumped back – and rightly so – with “these things are simply loving people”. so under “love others” comes; “Feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, invite strangers in, clothe those who need clothes, look after the sick, visit the prisoners. However you treat people is how you are treating God, so treat people like the king of Kings.”

His observation though, was that we’ve forgotten that this is what love actually looks like. That, as blessed people in a blessed country, with a western lifestyle, we simply don’t see that there are people who need feeding, or inviting in. Or maybe we do see it as plane as day… but we leave it to ‘The Salvos‘*. It’s not our job, someone else will do it.

No. That won’t do.
Invite someone over.
Give someone your left over food. Better yet, cook someone a meal and have the leftovers yourself.
Give your clothes away. And not just the old ones.
Visit Gaol, and Hospital. 
Love on people whether you know them or not. Because even if you don’t think you know them, you’re doing these things for Jesus. 

And don’t worry, I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to anyone else.

* The Salvos, The Govt., St Vinnies, Mission Australia etc etc. who all do a GREAT job, but only because we fall severely short.
* AND if you’re a soldier or officer then remember YOU ARE The Salvation Army, so start loving. Or keep loving. But just do it! 



One thought on “Called to Love.

  1. Great word salvokat!

    Your suggestions for doing stuff is spot on… We’re trying to make our youth do those things as part of their discipleship, because if theyre not doing those things how can they call themselves disciples…

    Posted by james | April 1, 2008, 8:14 am

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