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Freedom Day!


Wow! What a weekend!

Saturday 19th April was Freedom Day in the city of Perth! 😀
The Salvos and other freedom fighters (world vision, ywam, and a myriad of others..) were out in full strength to walk for freedom in the city.

We blew up balloons, we banged drums, we raised banners and we walked in strength in an effort to allow people to see and hear the call to freedom, justice, mercy, love and the stopping of traffik.

T-Shirt FrontAnd, we made Stop The Traffik / Salvation Army T-Shirts and looked fantastic while we were wearing them! The logo to the right on the front and a MASSIVE Red Shield on the back!!

During the walk, and the afternoon session in the City we gave out nearly 800 flyers with information about Trafficking, and an invite to a free* screening of The Jammed in Northbridge.

Many conversations were had, many children were excited by the FREE magazine! (KidZone’s galore!) and MANY of the people we gave flyers to during the day, came to watch the movie – and not just because we were offering food** (although that did seem to draw the crowd!)

An estimation of more than 80 people flooded an auxiliary room at the Perth Fortress Corps to watch The Jammed. More than half of those in attendance came through the flyers we gave out, or because of the young enthusiasts just outside the Corps bringing people in!

The movie is incredibly graphic and confronting, but there was opportunity for prayer, support and comfort after the movie, and there is much hope that people did not feel helpless, but through the info from the talk prior to the movie, and the resources available, feel strong to move forward in the fight for freedom.

In the lead up to the event and on the day, we made important connections with organisations and individuals in Perth who are already working for a traffik free world. In particular, a young enthusiastic representative from YWAM walked with us, stayed all afternoon in the city making incredible connections with passers-by and invited 5 of her friends to the movie.

There are some links here, to show you what these groups are up to;
Lost in Traffik (YWAM Perth)
Don’t Trade Lives (World Vision – STIR, Perth)

Thanks for listening to my recap. There will be more news soon about JUSTSalvosWA’s ideas/events and more.


*The screening was technically free, but we encouraged a Gold Coin donation on entry, and raised a total of $275.80 for The Salvation Army’s Counter-Traffiking project in India.

**The free food on offer was Fair Trade, and Organic – and for some even gluten and dairy free!! Thanks Fair-Go Trading!



One thought on “Freedom Day!

  1. Hey! Sounds exciting, I’m stoked (across-the-pond for inspired!). God Bless!!

    Posted by mbauer | April 22, 2008, 8:00 am

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