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Double Impact & The Machine

DOUBLE IMPACT was a Tri-Territorial Salvation Army Youth Congress in January 2004.

It was famous for a few things..

– Captain Danielle Strickland got a tattoo while on stage, as a sermon illustration!
– Danielle, and her partner in fun, Capt. Stephen Court preached about Spiritual Masturbation, using a condom as an illustration!
– Commissioner Ross Kendrew preached up a storm, in one of his last preaches before going into reserve,
– And Jurgen Matthesius was thrown in there for good measure!

Why am I telling you this?

Because here they are, in full. Download, listen, and be challenged. Like Elisha, ask for a DOUBLE PORTION! Maybe listen twice, just to let the Word sink in some more. (EDIT: I promised that I would update the descriptions of each link, but never got around to it. Perhaps if you listen to them, you can comment on the major themes and how you were challenged.)

Session 1 – Captain Stephen Court & Captain Danielle Strickland
The Foundational Point – Elijah & Elisha – The Double Portion

Session 2 – Captain Stephen Court & Captain Danielle Strickland
Some sound issues at the beginning, but hang in there! – The Hokma Pokma – Seeking Wisdom – The Condom Illustration 

Session 3 – Captain Stephen Court & Captain Danielle Strickland
The Covenant Preach – The Tattoo Illustration 

Session 4 – Jurgen Matthesius

Session 5 – Commissioner Ross Kendrew

Session 6 – Captain Stephen Court & Captain Danielle Strickland

Session 7 – Captain Stephen Court & Captain Danielle Strickland


You MUST watch this video, it is a great demonstration of Genius, Invention, Creativity, Beauty and Subverting the System, all rolled into one! And, it makes you feel all happy and smiley!




One thought on “Double Impact & The Machine

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for posting all of these. I didn’t get to go to Double Impact so it’s been incredible to listen to the sessions. Thanks so much!


    Posted by Sarah Brinkley | November 20, 2008, 8:50 pm

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