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Brigadier Power

She was speaking of an anonymous “Brigadier Power”, but I believe the same is true (to a large extent..?) of Capt. Stephen Court, our highly esteemed Training Principle, 108 years later;

“This man is a flame. His theology is of the apostolic brand, comprising a merciful and just God, an atoning Saviour, a full and free salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ; a real, live active devil; an eternal hell for the wicked, and an eternal heaven for those who persevere to the end in righteousness and Christ. His lectures are admirable, full of point, thought, and fire. He can be read as he is reported; that is to say, his spoken sentences read as well as they sound, and may generally be printed without revision. They are brilliant with virile salvationism, and tingle with common sense. He uses no stale sentences. What he has to say is fresh and new from the mint of his own mind, original logical and manly.” – p. 40-41 A School of The Prophets 1901.

I especially would encourage you to read the post below, notes from a lecture presented by Capt. Court. A lot of the comments are direct quotes from his “spoken sentences” and further to the Brigadier, have been printed without revision. I would suggest that his comments, as well as being full of salvationism, also “tingle with common sense”.

“To be able to hold the attention of Cadets, and make them request a little more lecture, is an enormous compliment to any speaker’s power, we budding Officers soon becoming experts in good and bad addresses. The farewell volley when the lecturer concludes may be enthusiastic – it generally is; but, occasionally, it is the enthusiasm of relief. [Captain Court’s] ovations were evoked by pleasure and regret.” p. 42-43 A School of The Prophets 1901.

I’m not just saying these things to puff Steve up, I (and my fellow Cadets) are seriously enjoying his lectures, and the lectures from other teachers on college staff and at Whitley. And this, because more than anything else, our discussions and our musings spur us on to big and better things for the Kingdom. It has been an amazing blessing to be privy to such a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This training experience has been seriously underrated.

I urge you – if you’re called to Officership, hurry up and respond so that you can get in on the training. If you’re not called, and you’re sure of it, sign up for some classes – this stuff is not exclusive. If you’re already on the journey, or have been for a while, poke some people near to you and ask them whether they’re following Jesus.



4 thoughts on “Brigadier Power

  1. Nice to see you blogging again, Kathleen. The School of the Prophets is a great little book, it’s great that you get to study it!

    Posted by Xander | March 17, 2009, 3:36 am
  2. That should get you good marks in Christian Leadership… Joking!

    I agree with you, I too feel privilaged to hear from some very talented and wise men and women.

    In his Hands

    Posted by Kat | March 17, 2009, 7:25 pm
  3. Did a meteor crash into the Training College..? Because you’re star-struck!

    Posted by Sean | March 24, 2009, 5:33 am
  4. haha, you got me!
    but seriously, what a privilege we have.

    Posted by salvokat | March 24, 2009, 10:16 am

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- General Catherine Booth

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