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Five Components of Revolutionary Leadership.

My first attempt at live blogging…take particular note of the “Attard Quadrilateral” (certainly one of the highlights of the class)

Lecture (Capt. Stephen Court) – Revolutionary Leadership.

We’re looking at a revolution.

Our point is not to coddle the saints. Comm. (someone) – “Collar the sinners, not coddle the saints”.
– not sent to “wipe their spiritual noses”.

We have an apostolic calling to “take” a city.

What does being a leader look like in this setting?

Overthrow of a ruling entity (whether its a govt. or a culture)

Using a potential outpost (that has been affected by Victorian bush fires) as an example, we’re overthrowing…

  • “forts of darkness”
  • power of death and despair.
  • established power
  • fear
  • the notion that we’re “just” a relief service.
  • blindness – the veil over eyes.
  • materialism
  • loss of identity.

“Think Big. Start Small. Go Deep.”

Five Components of Revolutionary Leadership.

  1. Chairos (or Kairos – “If I used the K, I wouldn’t have five C’s”)
    • (Egypt)
    • Opportune Time
    • (Spanish Doughnuts)
    • Propitious (favourable) moment for decision or action.
    • Other types of time;
      • Chronos (linear)
    • Ability to see or grasp these opportune moments.
    • Fleeting – urgency associated with it. (Now is the time!) – aligned with favourable..
    • often the “revolt” is crystallised in a moment – a “last straw” moment.
      • Having been frustrated, build enough momentum to push over the edge.
      • “until the bushfire thing happened” – it’s the last straw.
      • the face to face engagement, gives us the momentum required.
    • Easy example from a negative standpoint; – Hitler, the conditions were “right” for his leadership – Chairos “so to speak”.
      • Germany, historical, legal factors, that opened themselves up to a minority party (Nazis)
      • The mood of the population, frustration built to anger, Hitler saw the signs of the times.
    • Luke 12:56 – “Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?”
    • Key characteristic in Revolutionary Leadership – make it a goal to grab every Chairos moment, sitting on the edge of your spiritual seat, aggressive in intent and posture.
  2. Charisma
    • Wordly Perspective.
      • (Showiness)
      • Influence
      • Outgoing
      • Style
      • Charm
      • Good-orator/Speaker.
      • “Magnetic” – Gen. Burrows enlightened,  before JFK, it was not used in this way. Time magazine coined it. Previous to them, people would say “magnetic”. He was so great they wanted a new word to describe him.
    • Churchy Perspective
      • Spiritual Gifts / Grace.
      • God working through you.
      • (Popular church.)
      • The ability to inspire people. Convey the gifts/fruit/etc. to others through your leadership. (Careful with interpretation of this one..we’re not mediating the Grace of God)
      • Charismatic Leader does have Holy Spirit in him/her and does have ability to share.
      • Communicate a powerful message in a way that speaks to the hearts of the listeners – persuade people to follow you.
  3. Conviction
    • Completely committed to something that’s bigger than yourself.
    • TSA – “Soldiers should be ready to preach, pray or die at a moment’s notice.”
    • “Default” reactions.
    • Love to fight, live to fight, love the thickness of the fight, and die in the midst of it.
    • While we’re here, figure out what your convictions are on big issues, so you don’t have too spend to much time thinking about it later on. so that you’re ready to act on it.
      • eg. Morpheus and his conviction about “The One”. “We don’t think that Neo is the one”, “My beliefs don’t require that you do”.
      • That kind of conviction that produces revolution.
  4. Cadre
    • “Nucleus of military personal capable of expansion.”
    • “Nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organisation can be built and trained.”
    • “Tightly knit group of zealots active in advancing the interests of a revolutionary party.”
    • eg. Corps councils can serve this purpose.
    • Question: Do you need a cadre to build a cadre? No? attard
      • “The Attard Quadrilateral”; the word Cadre (from the Latin quadro & quadrum, the origin of the word square) so;
      • 4 in Cadre (Square)
      • 3 in Trinity
      • 1 in Me
      • Hence we always have a Cadre!
    • Global and local differences… (Session mates vs. local leadership)
    • Question: Do you need a cadre to build a cadre? Example;

      new existing
      eg. 614 Mel
      – Started with The Nottles (conviction)
      – Recruited (from friends and community – invited & attracted)
      – Look around for people who are between the cracks.
      – recruit (invited & attracted)
      – trained
      – identified
  5. Consequences
    • Should be able to measure the consequences.
    • The kinds of things you couldn’t even imagine when you start.
    • Don’t compromise.
    • eg. Consequences of John Wesley’s Cadre (The Holy Club?)
    • eg. 614 Melbourne 60 on Thurs, 140 on Sun (0-200 in 6 years) – Heroic and Inspiring! What has started there, can be Revolutionary in terms of what The Salvation Army can do.
    • Success is different in our context – we miss out on the favour of the world.

Case Study; Corps / Historical / Movie

Examples; Wesley, Azusa Street, Crossroads, Star Wars, West Wing, SA Aussies, Braveheart, Sound of Music.

Most interesting note; the consequences of SA Aussies – in less than 3 years, 0 – 32 officers, 12 Corps, 3,600 soldiers



4 thoughts on “Five Components of Revolutionary Leadership.

  1. Just so you know – if I was to name the concept I explained in class, I’d probably call it the Cadre-lateral.

    Posted by Sean | March 16, 2009, 1:14 pm
  2. “Attard’s Cadre-lateral” it is!

    Posted by salvokat | March 16, 2009, 1:16 pm
  3. So statistically, if we (AOH’s) have the same conviction and charisma as the Early Salvationists that ‘stormed the forts of darkness’ in Adelade, then over a period of two years we would see 2,400 new converts and 8 corps. I’ll sign up for that!

    In His hands

    Posted by Kat | March 16, 2009, 1:19 pm
  4. Nice Blog!! Good to see you not playing Solitaire in class…

    Posted by Pete Brookshaw | March 20, 2009, 10:20 am

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