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Peek-A-Boo Jesus



Isn’t it amazing at the effect that street art can have. The other day, the New England based artist Maki105 placed "Peek-A-Boo Jesus" on the side of a video store in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

A little while later, this was reported in Boston Newspapers;



Rafael Chinea prays with his fiance, Brenda Thibault, and her children, Bethany Martin, 8, and Brittany Martin, 14, on Wednesday in the parking lot of Premier Video in New Bedford.





Lund’s Corner Jesus Draws a Crowd
By Steve Urbon / Standard-Times senior correspondent
Thursday, March 26, 2009 –

NEW BEDFORD — Tears welled up in Angela Sampaio’s eyes as she beheld the Lund’s Corner Jesus through her car windshield Wednesday, reports today’s Standard-Times.

"I am really, really, really moved by this," she said. And she wanted reassurance that the photographs of this Jesus are on the Internet. "This will be seen all over the world," she said.

She had plenty of company there in the parking lot of Premier Video, where the slightly larger-than-life depiction of the Saviour appeared on the wall sometime last weekend. In a one-hour span around noon Wednesday, at least 35 people walked or drove to the lot just to see the figure that is pasted to the white brick.

They came from miles around. They were young and old, sometimes three generations of a family in a car. There were blue-collar workers with their buddies, retirees, teenagers. They brought cameras and took pictures of each other near the figure of Christ. Some brought flowers, real and artificial, and some brought candles that flickered in their jars in the spring breeze.

So aside from the idolatry stuff, from a “street-art-for-Jesus” perspective, This reminds me of a blog from years back – Evandalism – check it out! It created quite a comment stir in it’s day.




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