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10 Most Thought-Provoking Quotes from this Week.

Apple%20falling “We shouldn’t always take the scriptures literally, but we should always take them practically.” – J.McKenna

“Faith is not a mental ascent.” – ht D.Janssen

“Justification: to ‘Rightify’.” – ht D.Janssen

“Sanctification is that renewal of our fallen nature by the Holy Ghost, received through faith in Jesus Christ, whose blood of atonement cleanseth from all sin; whereby we are not only delivered from the guilt of sin, but are washed from its pollution, saved from its power, and are enabled, through grace, to love God with all our hearts and to walk in his holy commandments blameless.” – (link)

“Religion is about what we do, Christianity is about what has been done for us.” – B.Hybels.

“This is very Di Vinci Code” – S.Eldridge

“You can’t earn God’s love, but you can earn his trust.” – ht S.Court

“We are made for larger ends than Earth can encompass. Oh, let us be true to our exalted destiny.” – C.Booth

“We are not sent to minister to a congregation and be content if we keep things going. We are sent to make war…and to stop short of nothing but the subjugation of the world to the sway of the Lord Jesus.” – W.Booth

“There is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence – there is only a choice between nonviolence and nonexistence.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The divine breath evokes divine harmonies.” F.Coutts (ht S.Court)



One thought on “10 Most Thought-Provoking Quotes from this Week.

  1. thanks , these are really thought provoking.

    Posted by Haku | November 1, 2010, 4:46 am

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Kathleen Johansson

We shall win.

"The decree has gone forth that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and that He shall reign whose right it is from the River to the ends of the earth. We shall win. It is only a question of time. I believe that this Movement shall inaugurate the final conquest of our Lord Jesus Christ."
- General Catherine Booth

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