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“If this Ain’t Heaven, What’ll Heaven Be?”

Extracted from “The Life of General William Booth – Chapter 25”

Mr. Ballington Booth, a month later, gives a brief description of a “Holiness Meeting,” which is interesting:

On September 13 was a wonderful time. Never shall I forget it. Oh, God did search all hearts that night. After speaking about giving up all and being kept by the power of God, and singing “I am trusting, Lord, in Thee,” we fell on our faces for silent prayer. Then God Almighty began to convict and strive.

Some began to weep, some groaned, some cried out aloud to God. One man said, “If I cannot get this blessing I cannot live”; another said, “There’s something, there’s something. Oh, my God, my God, help me. Set me straight; put my heart straight”; and while we sang

Saves me now, saves me now,
My Jesus saves me now.

a dear young sister stepped up to the table, then two more followed: and now we sang again,

Saves me now, saves me now,
Yes, Jesus saves me now.

Many more were smitten. We dropped on our knees again. Five or six more came forward. One dear man took his pipe from his pocket and laid it on the table, resolved that it should stand between his soul and God no longer. Then six or seven more came forward. We could scarce then sing or pray. Every one was overpowered by the Spirit.

One young man, after struggling and wrestling for nearly an hour, shouted “Glory! glory! glory! I’ve got it. Oh! Bless God! “ One young woman shook her head, saying, “No, not to-night,” but soon was seen on the ground pleading mightily with God. Every unsanctified man or woman felt indescribably. Three or four times we cleared the tables and forms, and again and again they were filled. And all joined in singing the words,

I have thee, oh! I have thee
Every hour I have thee;

and one brother said, “Oh, oh! if this ain’t heaven, what’ll heaven be?” Another brother said, “I must jump.” I said, “Then jump,” and he jumped all round. So we sang, cried, laughed, shouted, and after twenty-three had given their all to the Master, trusting Him to keep them from sinning, as He had pardoned their sins, we closed, singing

Glory, glory, Jesus saves me,
Glory, glory to the Lamb.



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"The decree has gone forth that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and that He shall reign whose right it is from the River to the ends of the earth. We shall win. It is only a question of time. I believe that this Movement shall inaugurate the final conquest of our Lord Jesus Christ."
- General Catherine Booth

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