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“If this Ain’t Heaven, What’ll Heaven Be?”

Extracted from “The Life of General William Booth – Chapter 25” Mr. Ballington Booth, a month later, gives a brief description of a “Holiness Meeting,” which is interesting: On September 13 was a wonderful time. Never shall I forget it. Oh, God did search all hearts that night. After speaking about giving up all and … Continue reading

Wash Me Clean – Page CXVI

BUY Hymns IV by Page CXVI. Do it! I have I, II & III and now IV they are likely the most played tracks on my iTunes. I’ve also featured their “Song of the Saints” on my Home Page. Hymns IV was released on October 4th, 2011. Some of the songs are available to be streamed over at … Continue reading

It rises like a Hero on a TV Show.

“The heavens scream out how good God is and the stars remind us of what he has made. Everyday gives glory to God and the night promises the same tomorrow. The sun and moon don’t say a word but the earth and all the world knows their message. The heavens put the sun on display … Continue reading

The Sound of His Heart Cry.

There is a power in poverty that breaks principalities and brings the authorities down to their knees. There is a brewing frustration, an ageless temptation to fight for control by manipulation The God of the Kingdoms and God of the Nations, God of Creation sends this revelation; through the homeless and penniless Jesus the Son, … Continue reading

New Blog – Genesis

Hey, I just got an email from my mate Steve Friend who works at The Salvation Army’s Genesis Centre in Northbridge, WA. Steve has started a blog telling of how the transformational power of God is working in the lives of people at the Centre – Staff, clients, students, everyone. It’s pretty exciting stuff. Thanks … Continue reading

Poverty, Accountability & Desire.

The Persistence of Poverty: Why the Economics of the Well-Off Can’t Help the Poor I think I’d like to get my hands on a copy of this book. Has anyone read it or seen it anywhere? It looks like this guy is thinking outside the square. In this important book the author asserts that conventional … Continue reading

Other people.

Here are the 5 most recent blogs in my google reader. Enjoy them as much as I do. I am so blessed by the stories of other people. God saved me. King rising. Parliament Picnic. Of Mo’s and Uni’s. I heard a great story the other day from a guy… And for your amusement… Cartoon by … Continue reading

Pleasing to Him.

I listened to some great teaching by Rob Bell today. I podcast the sermons from his church – Mars Hill Bible Church. Check it out, his teachings (and those from others who preach there) are refreshing, and normally the perfect length for the train ride to Uni! Life has been a little messy lately, but … Continue reading

A New Beginning

Hello 🙂 I’m thinking about attempting to start fresh on the pathway of blogging. I’ve spent a little while playing with colours and schemes, and a little bit of time thinking about the kinds of things that I would like to blog. I would like to think that my life will continue to become more … Continue reading


Today, I was reading a topic in a discussion forum that I’m a member of, called "G.R.A.C.E." My friend Frizz started the topic with.. i cant comphend it. my question is.. Can ne 1? As the discussion progressed Frizz suggested that maybe the only way we can begin to comprehend grace is beginning to practice … Continue reading

Kathleen Johansson

We shall win.

"The decree has gone forth that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and that He shall reign whose right it is from the River to the ends of the earth. We shall win. It is only a question of time. I believe that this Movement shall inaugurate the final conquest of our Lord Jesus Christ."
- General Catherine Booth

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