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Top Eight Quotes – “Our World Today” Edition.

A New Approach to the News – www.ourworldtoday.com.au

From About UsAfter years of research, discussions and relevant experience in life and news, we have created a news source that veers away from current trends of negativity and sensationalism, and will focus on presenting inspiring, in-depth and positive news stories. By being not for profit, we illustrate that the media does not have to be about making money, and with that comes a sense of freedom in journalism, the ability to tell the stories you care for, the truth, unrestricted ideals and a chance for change. ourworldtoday.com.au will have mainstream appeal, but present a unique array of positive and challenging in-depth stories.

EDIT – Bonus; “We refuse to accept that no news is good news”.
[TEDx Adelaide – Mike Worsman & Chris Campbell – A New Approach to News]

“Human beings, ineluctably, want meaning and purpose in life. The meaningful life consists in belonging to and serving something that you believe is bigger than the self, and humanity creates all the positive institutions to allow this: religion, political party, being Green, the Boy Scouts, or the family.” – Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, believes finding and holding meaning in life is one of the three fundamentals to leading a happy life.
[Our Greatest Fight] & [What is Well-Being?]

“…although Facebook looks destined to stay, a world where expression hides behind the computer screen will never defeat the old school charm of a romantic gesture…”
[Old School Romance Alive & Well]

“We now know that underestimating the obstacles life has in store lowers stress and anxiety, leading to better health and well-being. This is one reason optimists recover faster from illnesses and live longer.”
[Why So Optimistic?]

“Sometimes EVERYTHING BEING RIGHT makes a kind of sound.”

“Smile, it’ll make people wonder what you’ve been up to.”
[inspired by; A smile is Worth 2000 Chocolate Bars]

“Oh won’t you come, won’t you light all my lights.” – Seeker Lover Keeper
[inspired by; Seeing The Light]

“The reason Gen Y is more educated, passionate and mobilised to create a better world than those before it is because they are able to come together (online) and share this vision of the future that so many so badly want.”

[Gen Y Will Change The World]

This moment made me really appreciative of the perspectives of those around me who were perhaps more open-minded and positive than me about these things.
[The Last Photo My camera Ever Took]

Bonus: Really? You’re just giving me $20?!
[$20 Challenge]



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Kathleen Johansson

We shall win.

"The decree has gone forth that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and that He shall reign whose right it is from the River to the ends of the earth. We shall win. It is only a question of time. I believe that this Movement shall inaugurate the final conquest of our Lord Jesus Christ."
- General Catherine Booth

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